To Bad Everyone’s Not Left Handed

There are so many advantages to being left handed that a single blog is probably not long enough. From using the creative right side of our brain to an unlimited number of famous left handed people who have contributed to our society, being left handed is an awesome physical attribute to have.

The roughly 10% of the population that are left handed tend to enjoy the arts and music more than our right handed friends due to the way our left handed brain works. The sports world has also appreciated the contributions of fellow southpaws such as Babe Ruth, Martina Navratilova, Mark Spitz, Larry Bird, etc. Go to the movies and you can watch left handers like Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, and Robert DeNiro perform at the top level of the current box office performers.

Our world is definately a better place to live with the contributions of Leonardo Di Vinci, Ben Franklin, Henry Ford And Bill Gates. All left handed.

Not sure if you’re a true lefty? Go to my webpage on Left Handed Test and evaluate yourself or your family and friends.

Being left handed is such an increadible gift that we should  use our talent to help the world become a better place. Have you figured out what your contribution is or will be? Go to and explore the possibilites.

To bad everyone’s not left handed! 😉

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