If Being Left Handed Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right!

I’m proud of being left handed and that’s what this blog will be about. This is an interactive and informative blog for roughly 10% of the population that are in their right minds. I will include interesting facts, instructions, products, links and everyday events that pertain to lefties.

Growing up left handed I had some obstacles, but I figured out how to overcome them. All the tips I have learned and research I’ve done will be addressed at some point in my blog.

Having A Left Handed Child Is A Great Thing! Believe it or not I have three! Left handed children create above average refrigerator art and athletic southpaws are sought after in many sports.

So hang on (with your left hand of course) and enjoy my informative and somewhat witty blog. This is a continual work-in-progress and with your help, we’ll have fun and learn from each other along the way.

For additional information including YouTube videos, Ebay items and my Being Left Handed Store please visit my website:


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Being Left Handed

I wanted to introduce you to an exciting website project that I have been working on for several months.


This site is a fun and informative website just for lefties. It contains useful information, instructions, and historical information about Being Left Handed. In addition to all this, I have included YouTube videos and live Ebay auction items all for left-handed people. Last month my BeingLeftHanded store opened to supply all your left-handed needs. Future plans include the development of a Left-Handed Scholarship! This website is my passion and I work on it on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading and I hope you come visit.

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