Einstein – The Left Handed Person of the Century

On December 31, 1999 Time magazine named the most important people of the 20th century. On the top of the list was Albert Einstein, a southpaw. His contributions to science and technology throughout the century were without question, very important advances for mankind. He is best known for his theory of relativity and for that famous equation; Emc2

During his lifetime he published over 150 non-scientific works and over 300 scientific works. He was awarded the 1921 Noble prize in Physics.  His name (Einstein) alone is synonymous with genius (i.e. “Are you some kind of Einstein?” ).

Not only was he the left handed person of the century, he was also the Person Of The Century. If you are left handed you’re in a pretty impressive group of people. So go out and make you left handed mark upon the world!

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Another Left Handed President

The newly elected 44th president,  Barack Obama is yet another left handed president. People seem to favor a southpaw as the most powerful man in the free world since five of the last eight have been lefties. Obama follows Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton. In Addition, it should be noted that there have been three other men to serve as president that were left handed; James Garfield (20th), Herbert Hoover (31st) and Harry Truman (33rd). When you  count the newly elected President Obama in the calculation, that makes 18% of our presidents being left handed. So, if you have dreams of being a future left handed president you may be as successful as these gentlemen!

If you want more information on these presidents or on Being Left Handed come on over to my website at BeingLeftHanded.com. I have youtube videoes, surveys, merchandise and fun and informative facts all related to that 10% of the population that are in their right minds. 🙂

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The Truth About Left Handed Scissors

From time to time I get the question, “Why can’t lefties cut with right handed scissors?”

Well if you’re left handed you know there is a difference between left handed scissors and right handed scissors. As a southpaw,  it can be very frustrating, if not impossible, to cut with your left hand with right handed scissors.  In fact many southpaws give up and cut with their right hand!

For left handed scissors the left blade is always on top which lets the left hand control the cutting motion and pressure, and gives a better view for the lefty while cutting. For a righty this may sound dumb, but it actually makes a big difference! (Right handed  scissors are just the opposite with the right blade on top.)

Mystery Solved!

When I finally got my first pair of left handed scissors it made all the difference in the world. If you are a lefty and don’t have a pair, I strongly encourage you to get a pair (or two).

If you are interested in purchasing left handed scissors go to the Left Handed Store where you can get them and many other left handed items at good prices.

Stand up and don’t conform to the right handed world, by using left handed scissors! (just don’t run with them, as your mom says :))

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Take Me Out To The (LeftHanded) Ballgame

Spring is just around the corner and time to dust off those cleats and find that glove that fits only you. That is right, baseball and softball season are about to begin. I just signed my son up for baseball and my daughter will begin practicing softball for her varsity softball team.

I remember when I was young and how hard it was to play if I didn’t have my left handed glove. Lefties can’t just borrow any ones glove since there is only a 1 in 10 chance someone else is a southpaw. (I even played bare handed sometimes!) If you have a child or play yourself, now is the time to get a left handed glove. If you need any type of sporting goods, I  recommend going to Sportsdiamond.com.

Who knows,  you may have the next Babe Ruth or Randy Johnson in your family. I hope you have a fun and safe spring season.

p.s.   For More information on Left Handed Atheltes go to my website BeingLeftHanded.com

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