Being Left Handed Contest

While working on my Left Handed Scholarships idea I suddenly got an inspiration to develop a Left Handed Contest for all left handers! If we can generate enough interest I am planning on having both an essay contest and scholarship award beginning around June 1 and ending September 1, 2008.

left handed contest

My original scholarship idea went something like this;

  1. Essay Driven Contest for lefties
  2. Top 5 Essays will be posted and voted on by my “Being Left Handed” guests (you)
  3. Funded by my website, affiliates, possible grant money, and generous contributions
  4. Awarded Annually

If this is successful I will run a contest more frequently. Not only will I award cash prizes but also left handed items.

Please help make this happen by telling all your left handed friends and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, “Out In Left Field” where I will be supplying more information about these events (By signing up, this will give me an idea of how much interest there is!)

Thanks for all the support in getting this sight up and running with all the great email ideas and comments. Being Left gets better each day.

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