In Search Of A Left Handed Desk

When I went to school (back in  the stone age according to my children), the new school year was not in anticipation of seeing old freinds, but it was in search  of a left handed desk. The old standard school desk had an odd one sided shape designed specifically for right handed students. If I was really really lucky there would be a desk built the exact opposite for left handed students in the class room. Most of the time there was not one, but if there was it would be in the back of the room with school supplies stacked on it.

I don’t think teachers realized how difficult it was for lefties to write on a desk designed for righties. No wonder most left  handed people end up writing up side down or with their arm bent in some awkward shape. It is almost impossible to develop good penmanship habits on a right handed desk.

Fortunately today’s student desks are built to accommodate both right handed and left handed students. However, developing good writing habits for lefties can be difficult unless you follow some simple rules as explained in detail at LH Writing Skills. These techniques will help left handed writers of any age.

It’s funny though, today I find myself at garage sales and flea markets in search of a left handed desk. 🙂

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Left Handed Guitar Hero


The introduction of Guitar Hero for Playstation, Wii and Xbox has created a new generation of guitar enthusiasts. If you are left handed, you have three available choices of playing those bad boy songs. (1) Us lefties can surrender to the general public and play like all right handers play, (2) we can do a simple reprogram built into the game and make the adjustments, (3) or a southpaw can reconstruct the Guitar Hero guitar specifically for a lefties use.

Playing the conventional way does not require anything on our part but to pick up the Guitar Hero and learn like the general population. There is nothing wrong with this method and no one is the wiser of your super power abilities (being left handed :)) You have the ability to play any Guitar Hero system anywhere and anytime without a second thought. All 3 of my kids are left handed and play this way. (It doesn’t matter how I play, they still beat me:()

A second option is to enable the Lefty Switch which will rearrange the notes in opposite order so that you can press the fret buttons with your right hand. That’s right, there is actually a built in revision for us southpaws. Go to the main menu and under options look for the controller options or controller settings. Here you will have the option of enabling the Lefty Switch by pressing the green fret button. Now switch the guitar strap to go over your right shoulder. You will press the green fret with your index finger, the red button with your middle finger, etc. Remember to press the whammy bar with the heel of your hand now, or move it out of the way and don’t use it at all.

The third choice for Left Handed Hero enthusiast is to basically rebuild the guitar for left handed use. Unless you are very high tech, this may be a difficult task. One guy who has accomplished this transition is Kevin McArdle.  He has pictures and posts at SmugMug.

Left handed Guitar Hero

Left handed Guitar Hero

It doesn’t matter how you play Guitar Hero as long as you have fun. However, you might really impress you friends by playing it left handed. There are many choices of guitars for each system. Feel free to go to LH Guitar Hero for pricing, availability and reviews.

Here is an example of using the Lefty Switch configuration for your system.

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