Left Hand Compound Bows – Essential Tips For Choosing You Compound Bow

Left Hand Compound Bows

Left Hand Compound Bows

If you try to determine whether you need a left hand compound bow or right hand compound bow you need to understand a few simple concepts.

To begin with a right-hand hunter should buy a right hand compound bow. Conversely, a left-handed archer should use a left hand compound bow. This is as simple as is. Some hunters get confused about this concept because they think that if they hold the bow in their left hand (all right-handed people do that) that means they need a left hand bow. This is a huge misunderstanding.

Having said that I need to add that it is very important to understand another concept when choosing your bow: your eye dominance. This is because some people don’t fall into the principle left hand bows for right-handed people and right hand bow for left-handed people. This is where eye dominance comes in.

Let’s put it this way – if your eye dominance is different to your hand dominance you are an exclusion from the above rule. That is why you need to understand what is your eye dominance and whether or not it matches your hand dominance. If your eye dominance is different to your hand dominance you may have a very bad experience shooting with the incorrect type of compound bow.

What you could also do before choosing the right type of bow is to pretend that you are shooting with one. Just close your left eye first and put your hands into the right position pretending you are about to shoot. How do you feel? Try to do the same closing another eye and change your hands position. What is the most comfortable position?

To summarize, there is a general rule about choosing the right bow type: if you are a right-handed person you should buy left hand compound bow, otherwise get the right hand one. Make sure you also check your eye dominance first to ensure you fall into this common rule.

Good luck with your next hunting/archery session!

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Michael Jackson’s Glove

In May, 1983 Michael Jackson” performed probably his most memorable performance at the Motown 25th Anniversary Show. He sang “Billie Jean” and this was the beginning of his famous glove, on his left hand no less. In addition, he showed the world his moonwalk, of which I never mastered.

His glove became his signature trademark for the rest of his carrier. He did wear the glove on his right at times, but the debut was His Left Hand! Two of his gloves are currently up for auction and are rumored to bring six figures.

Michael’s talent and music will live forever. Although MJ was not left handed, we will never forget that he was a southpaw in his most famous performance of all time (kinda ;))

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