Left Handed Facts That Left Handers Will Love

1. They are usually at a disadvantage using tools meant for the right handed. Though this was prevalent some time ago, recently, there has been an increase in the production of tools and equipment for the use of the left handed. Many tools are molded to meet the needs of left handers, including the computer mouse and touch pad for computer professionals.

2. People with a dominant left hand have always been high achievers. This is mainly because their brains are structured to improve their abilities and the improved language centers found in the brain. This is why you find many artists, mathematicians and sports geniuses to be left handed.

3. A celebrity who was left handed was Albert Einstein. He was a great scientist who contributed greatly to science and technology to bring about great advances to mankind.

4. Unfortunately, left handed people are usually forced to become right handed because of cultural impact. This is something prevalent across the globe, in all races and sects of life. However with the increase in literacy about left handedness, this cultural pressure is reducing in many countries.

5. Left handed people who are forced to write and work using their right hand usually suffer from Left Hander Syndrome. This is a condition where the person ends up in a mental state of confusion because of this change.

6. It has been noticed that left handed people tend to have a shorter lifespan than right handed people. This is because left handed people tend to succumb to accidents through a state of affliction. This arises mainly because most people are right handed, and most utilities are designed for right handed use.

7. It has been found out that left handed people don’t use sequential processing to process information, like right handed people do. Instead, they tend to use visual stimulus for processing information. In fact, they are great at multi tasking as they use the synthesis method of dividing information, and thus finding a solution for everything.

8. It’s interesting to learn that left handers tend to adjust quickly to seeing underwater.

9. Left handers are great at playing tennis, baseball, fencing and swimming.

10. Another interesting fact about such people is that they tend to reach puberty about 4-5 months after right-handers.

11. It is also interesting to learn that left handers are usually better looking and more imaginative than their right handed counterparts.

12. While right handers tend to chew food on the right side, left handers tend to chew on the left side.

13. Computer junkies will be happy to learn that left handers tend to perform better than right handers at difficult and fast tasks involving stimuli. This is why they are better at playing computer games, driving in heavy traffic and are great at flying jet fighters as these activities require active participation from both parts of the brain.

After reading so many interesting left handed facts, you need not be embarrassed about being a left hander.

Kelly Hunter owns and operates http://www.left-handed-electric-guitars.net and writes about Left Handed Electric Guitars.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kelly_Hunter

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