The Truth About Left Handed Scissors

From time to time I get the question, “Why can’t lefties cut with right handed scissors?”

Well if you’re left handed you know there is a difference between left handed scissors and right handed scissors. As a southpaw,  it can be very frustrating, if not impossible, to cut with your left hand with right handed scissors.  In fact many southpaws give up and cut with their right hand!

For left handed scissors the left blade is always on top which lets the left hand control the cutting motion and pressure, and gives a better view for the lefty while cutting. For a righty this may sound dumb, but it actually makes a big difference! (Right handed  scissors are just the opposite with the right blade on top.)

Mystery Solved!

When I finally got my first pair of left handed scissors it made all the difference in the world. If you are a lefty and don’t have a pair, I strongly encourage you to get a pair (or two).

If you are interested in purchasing left handed scissors go to the Left Handed Store where you can get them and many other left handed items at good prices.

Stand up and don’t conform to the right handed world, by using left handed scissors! (just don’t run with them, as your mom says :))

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