Coping With Being Left Handed

Being left handed can sometimes be a drag. This is because almost all hand-held devices, such as tools, have been designed with a right-handed individual in mind. This is because everything has been created to accommodate a right-handed society. In fact, most right-handed people don’t even recognize that things have been made specifically for them. It’s just the way that things are, and since they work so easily for right-handed people, it becomes second nature. Why all the discrimination against lefties? Based on the standards of tradition, the right hand has always been preferred to the left.

Of course, today we live in a totally different world. Now it’s no longer an issue if someone is a left hander. At least, not an issue as far as being judged by society, or having left handed tools available. This was not at all the case in the past, however, science has shown us that it is perfectly natural for some people to be left handed. If parents discover that their child prefers to use their left hand over their right, many medical authorities strongly encourage parents to not change this natural process. There is nothing wrong with a child using their left hand. It simply takes a little more guidance when it comes to developing handwriting skills.

There are now more left handed people in the world than ever before. After all, as the population rises, so do the number of left handed people. A recent study shows that the number of people who primarily use their left hand is on a steady rise. In fact, as much as 10-15% of the population is left handed. That’s more than one in ten! Therefore, if you don’t happen to be left handed yourself, you likely know someone who is.

While being left handed isn’t a big deal anymore, once upon a time it was extremely frowned upon. For instance, in India and Indonesia, it is considered extremely impolite to eat with the left hand, as this is the hand that is used to “cleanse” oneself. Therefore, the left hand is considered dirty. In addition, teachers in America used to slap the wrists of students who attempted to write with their left hands.

Aside from past ridicule of society, lefties also face many other struggles when it comes to using scissors, knives, cameras, tools, watches, etc. Every one of these objects need the complete opposite design in order to accommodate the needs of a lefty. Fortunately, left handers of today are treated with much more consideration, and virtually any tool can be designed for left handed individuals.

Therefore, if you use your left hand over your right, or your child does, this is quite natural, and shouldn’t be something for you to worry about. Just make sure that you provide your child with all of the help they need to make the most of their abilities. Remember, there is nothing wrong about being left handed, event though it can sometimes prove to be difficult in a world with a predominant right handed population.

Finally, there are now many gadgets and everyday items (like left handed scissors) which can also make you life easier and make ideal gifts.

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Hand Dominance – Will She Be a Lefty or Righty?

Hand dominance is a term that describes your child’s preference to use the right or left hand to perform most tasks in her daily live. These task can range from holding a spoon, or stacking blocks, to drawing and writing. The hand that is dominant is not necessarily stronger than the other one. Your child just prefers to use it to do most things.

Consistent hand dominance starts to develop somewhere between two and three years of age. This development is usually fully completed by age 6 years. As the brain matures and its functions begin to differentiate, you will notice that hand dominance begins to emerge in your child. Hand preference that appears before the age of 18 months may signal impaired neurological control of the other hand and a health care provider should be consulted. Since hand preference is determined by your child’s brain development, “forcing” your child to use the non-dominant hand more often may me futile.

Hand dominance is determined largely by genetics. Studies show that only 2% of children of right-handed parents are left-handed. On the other hand, 42% of children with left-handed parents are left-handed.

In the history of many nations, being left handed was associated with social stigma. In many languages, including English, the word “right” also means “correct” or “proper.” On the other hand, the Latin word “sinistra,” from which the English word sinister was derived, meant “left,” “malicious,” or “sinister.” Being a righty or a lefty has nothing to do with being a good person. However, being ambidextrous may come in handy from time to time!

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Left-Handed Golf Instruction

The world’s population may be 10 to 15% lefties, but there are not many left-handed golfers. The main reason is that most of them prefer to stick to right-handed golf. In addition, it used to be quite difficult to come across left-handed instruction manuals and left-handed golf clubs.

But that is a thing of the past now, since more and more golf instruction manuals are being targeted to lefties. The top coach Steve Anderson has authored the book ‘On the Other Hand’, which is meant for left-handed golfers. Bob Charles is one of the best left-handed golfers in the world and he has put together an instruction video, the only one of its kind, to give insight on how he achieved success as a lefty golfer. The game of golf also lays stress on playing it more with your eyes than your hands.

Some famous lefthanders are quite ambidextrous this way, using their left hand only for the game and their right for everything else. Experts say that it is required to look at the ball first and visualize it going away from your body. That will show you which side of the ball to take. The world has seen very few top left-handed golfers.

But these instructional tutorials might prove helpful to hone talent. They give you clear and comprehensible instructions on how to play your game the left-handed way. You get more insight on your full swings, putting and even game management. Mike Weir and Phil Mickelson are the two names that appear together with Bob Charles as the world’s top three left-handed golfers.

Left-handed equipment might also be difficult to come across, but there are some sites which offer a wealth of it. Golf Smith and The Golf Warehouse are two international sites that stock a wide range of these products. Edwin Watts of U.S.A. and Online Golf in Europe have also been serving a long line of such web customers.

Golf Instruction provides detailed information on Golf Instruction, Free Golf Instruction, Golf Swing Instruction, Online Golf Instruction and more. Golf Instruction is affiliated with Top Golf Schools.

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A Left Handed Bread Knife – YIPEE!

Not long ago, my mother-in-law came to visit, and as per usual, she would bring me things that she no longer wanted from her house. Being left handed, most of these gadgets were useless to me.

I have been married for 29 years, and this has become a familiar ritual with our family.

She was always bringing me cutlery that “didn’t work” or scissors that “didn’t cut”

Which brings me to her “well meaning gift”. She shows me this large bread knife, and says “You can have this dear, because it is too dull and does not cut for me”. Besides, thinking the obvious, about why someone would give away a dull bread knife for a gift, I politely took it, and put it away to be discarded later.

A few days later, I had made a fresh loaf of bread in my bread maker, and grabbed this bread knife, and by habit, put it in my left hand. Up until now, you must understand, I can’t carve anything with a knife, as I completely shred it in my left hand, or worse yet, injure myself. But I looked at this knife and realized, that there was nothing wrong with this bread knife, it was perfect for me.

This bread knife was a left handed bread knife, and yes there is a difference! The serrations on the knife are on the opposite side to a regular right hand knife. I was stunned and amazed, that there was such a thing, and I made a beautiful cut in the loaf of bread.

Even though left handed people are only 7 to 10% of the population, it is nice to have something created for a left handed person.

I have since found that there are companies now, that make everything from left handed bread knives, to carving knives, can openers, pens, rulers, tape measures, even left handed note books… and the list goes on. So there is no more struggling with right handed gadgets for me.

So, all you left handed creators out there, give yourself the gift of left handed tools and products that will make your life easier in this right handed world!

This was the best gift I got from my mother-in-law yet! click here to find many great left handed products. Worldwide shipping. Make your life a little easier if you are left handed, or you know someone who is left handed. Article and website by Diane Palmer

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